Houston Zoo S2E 3-13

At Houston Zoo They Enjoy the Sun

By the end of March 2013, the Houston Zoo converted the remainder its electric car fleet to solar power. The conversion originally began back in 2010 with the first 12 cars and a financial donation from NRG Energy and Reliant. With a helping hand and a second donation this year the zoo was able to transform the 18 remaining cars to solar.

Quoting Fuelfix: >>But solar-powered carts offer more benefit than just the electricity bill savings, said Peter Riger, vice president of conservation for the Houston Zoo. The added value is convenience, he said. "They can last 10 to 12 hours and because they're out in the sun, they're charging all the time," Riger said. "That slow charge throughout the day provides longer battery life than regular charging with a surge of power from an electric plug", said Kendrick Hickens, the zoo's master mechanic.<<

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