Substantially Extended Battery Life at Hong Kong Jockey Club


After three years in service the SolarDrive powered Club Cars at The Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course have proven their worth resulting in substantial extended battery life. How long the batteries will live is difficult to determine at this point, as the battery packs still shows good shape after 3 years in service. Before going solar, according to the club management they used to exchange batteries after just 18 months. On top the club have enjoyed significant savings in electricity costs for traditional charging.

Initially Kau Sai Chau decided for equipping 205 of their existing Club Car Precedents at the Golf Course with the newly released SolarDrive S2E solar power unit. At the time of the investment the club management had high expectations for this technology and they were not let down. Already when the first year had past it was decided to extend the use of solar power to the fleet of 4 and 6-person cars at the Jockey Club.

Cameron Halliday, General Manager at KSC, has kindly decided to share his experiences and has sent us the following letter of recommendation (click on the letter to read):




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