Joondalup Country Club & Golf Resort

Impressive test results

During a recent test performed in June 2010 at the Joondalup Country Club & Golf Resort, in cooperation with SolarDrive distributor ADH Golf & Utility Vehicles, a Club Car 252 utility vehicle was fitted with a SolarDrive S2E 200 Watt standard unit, in the pursuit of going green.

The results that were achieved impressed all the parties involved. ADH Golf & Utility Vehicles & General Manager Wayne Carroll at The Joondalup Country Club & Golf Resort concluded that fitting the vehicle with the SolarDrive roof increased its range by 40 %.

In fact, during the test week the car drove 180 km (112 miles) without any charge from the grid. This impressive result was obtained even though the solar impact at this time of the year is at its lowest in Perth. Peak results in this part of the world would be achieved in January, and it is anticipated that the vehicle's range would be increased by yet a further 9km per day (on average) during the month of January.


Club Car Turf 252 Joondalup 2


Club Car Turf 252 Joondalup 3


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