At SolarDrive we take pride in quality


Designed and developed in Denmark in coll Scandinavian style, we have made the choice of durable and reliable materials our primary goal, and our products are crafted down to the finest detail.

SolarDrive's focus is always on top quality in all aspects of our products and the continuous drive for even greener solutions.

Your solar golf car or solar street car will never be underdressed with SolarDrive on Top!


Front corner assembly

All roof structure profiles are made of extruded aluminium.

Nuts and bolts are of stainless steel.

Rear handlebar

Handlebars, mounting brackets etc. are produced in robust and stylish ABS plastic or Nylon.

Controller box The electronics controller is placed within a protective alluminium box equipped with an informative LED insolation indicator display.
Solcelle The mono- or poly-chrystaline silicium solar cells are protected behind tempered solar glass providing excellent light and energy transmission.
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